February 28, 2015

Netanyahu Uses Religious Backdrop for Campaign Against Iran

"I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan." [Revelation 2:9, KJV]

"Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee."[Revelation 3:9, KJV]

Just who are the majority of the people now living in modern day Israel? Well, it looks as though 90% of them are probably descendants of the Great Khazars and never were descendants of Abraham. Jews of our era fall into two main categories: (1) The Sephardim Jews, who numbered about 500,000 in 1960, are the descendants of the Spanish Jews that were expelled from Spain by the Moslems in 1492. (2) The Ashkenazim Jews (common), who numbered around 11 million in 1960. The term Ashkenazim Jew is associated with Germany, Hungary and Poland, which shared culture and borders with the Khazarian empire and received a large migration of "Yiddish" people from the disintegrating Khazarian kingdom. [Source]

Netanyahu takes Iran campaign to Jerusalem holy site

February 28, 2015

Reuters - Israeli Prime Benjamin Netanyahu took his campaign against a nuclear deal with Iran to Jerusalem's sacred Western Wall on Saturday, on the eve of his departure to Washington to address Congress on the issue.

His rare pilgrimage to one of Judaism's holiest sites was highly symbolic -- and political -- an apparent attempt by Netanyahu, two weeks before a national election, to portray a U.S. visit, that has brought relations with Washington to a new low, as crucial to Israel's survival.

Using the perimeter wall of the destroyed Biblical Jewish temple as a backdrop and wearing a black skullcap, he said:
"The agreement being formed between Iran and the powers, can endanger our existence.
"In the face of such an agreement we must unite and explain the dangers it poses to Israel, to the region and to the entire world."
Netanyahu has come under almost unprecedented criticism from the U.S. administration and in Israel for his planned speech to Congress on Tuesday, as international talks with Iran are under way to secure a deal on Teheran's nuclear program. 

2009 Flashback: Israelis Don't Want a Two-state Solution to the Conflict with Palestinians

Time Running Out for a Two-State Solution?

January 23, 2009

CBS News - Getting a peace deal in the Middle East is such a priority to President Obama that his first foreign calls on his first day in office were to Arab and Israeli leaders. And on day two, the president made former Senator George Mitchell his special envoy for Middle East peace. Mr. Obama wants to shore up the ceasefire in Gaza, but a lasting peace really depends on the West Bank where Palestinians had hoped to create their state.  

The problem is, even before Israel invaded Gaza, a growing number of Israelis and Palestinians had concluded that peace between them was no longer possible, that history had passed it by. For peace to have a chance, Israel would have to withdraw from the West Bank, which would then become the Palestinian state.

It's known as the "two-state" solution. But, while negotiations have been going on for 15 years, hundreds of thousands of Jewish settlers have moved in to occupy the West Bank. Palestinians say they can't have a state with Israeli settlers all over it, which the settlers say is precisely the idea.

Daniella Weiss moved from Israel to the West Bank 33 years ago. She has been the mayor of a large settlement.

"I think that settlements prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state in the land of Israel. This is the goal. And this is the reality," Weiss told 60 Minutes correspondent Bob Simon.

Netanyahu Has Rejected a Two-State Solution for Peace with Palestinians

Netanyahu Has Rejected a Two-State Solution

Benjamin Netanyahu has declared that he will accept a Palestinian state, but all signs indicate that he now rejects a two-state solution.

February 26, 2015

Al-Monitor - The March 3 speech by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the US Congress is expected to focus on the Iranian threat, but the Israeli public — and the American one, for that matter — probably also expect to hear a few words on the “Palestinian threat.” The premier and Likud Party chair must clarify his actual stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Is it the position he expressed less than three years ago from the same congressional podium, or what he says today at home?

Indeed, in his loudly praised May 2011 speech, Netanyahu declared, “In any peace agreement that ends the conflict, some settlements will end up beyond Israel’s borders.” To prevent any misunderstandings, the prime minister promised, “We will be very generous on the size of a future Palestinian state … I am willing to make painful compromises to achieve this historic peace.” Netanyahu has used the word ''peace'' in his congressional addresses no fewer than 64 times. Today, it seems, the word has been eliminated from the vocabulary of the ruling party's upper echelons.

Israel Defense Forces Training Against Fake Alien Invasion

Israel Defense Forces Training Against Alien Invasion with UFO Threat Drills Designed to Bolster Cyber-Attack Capabilities

February 25, 2015

iDigitalTimes - The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) conducted drills targeting alien spacecraft and warding off a UFO invasion. The drill saw Israel Air Force hacker units, known as Ofek (Horizon), protecting Israel Defense Forces computer systems against breaches from alien hackers, while simultaneously targeting the sophisticated computer systems of the invading UFO alien spacecraft.

While the dramatic Israel Defense Forces drills concerned an immense UFO invasion and all the alien-fighting bravado of a cigar-smoking Will Smith, the actual reason for the drills was more mundane: learning new methods to attack Hamas systems without compromising cyber defenses.

Acts of Tyranny by the Last Two U.S. Presidents

The 1878 Posse Comitatus Act limits the military's involvement in law enforcement.

The Constitutional principle of habeas corpus protects against unlawful and indefinite imprisonment. The United States Constitution specifies that, "the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus shall not be suspended unless, when in cases of rebellion or invasion, the pubic safety may require it."

The Insurrection Act of 1807 is an exception to the Posse Commitatus statute, which forbids the use of military assets in domestic law enforcement, except as allowed by the Constitution or an act of Congress. The original Insurrection Act required the President to seek approval from state legislatures or governors before deploying soldiers, except in cases where: a localized breakdown of authority has made the enforcement of federal laws “impracticable”; or any insurrection, domestic violence, unlawful combination, or conspiracy “hinders the execution of the laws of that State … that any part or class of its people is deprived of a right, privilege, immunity, or protection named in the Constitution and secured by law.”

On October 17, 2006, there were two acts of tyranny committed:

1. The first was a public signing by President George W. Bush of the Military Commissions Act of 2006, which suspended habeas corpus. This Act will allow the President to declare you an 'enemy combatant,' ending your rights to seek legal or judicial relief from unlawful imprisonment.

2. The second act of tyranny took place in a private Oval Office ceremony in which the President signed into law the John Warner National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2007, which essentially eliminates the protections of the Posse Comitatus Act and which re-wrote the Insurrection Act, a federal law which allows the President to deploy federal troops within the United States in the event that state authorities are unable to maintain the rule of law within their own borders. The NDAA will allow the President to declare a 'public emergency' and take control of state-based National Guard units, without the consent of the governor or local authorities, in order to 'suppress public disorder.'

February 27, 2015

DHS Spending Bill and Threat of Shutdown Just a Ruse to Remove Executive Amnesty Issue from Bill

Republican-controlled Congress sent legislation to President Barack Obama on March 2, 2015 that funds the Department of Homeland Security without any of the immigration-related concessions they demanded for months. The House voted 257-167 in favor of the $40 billion spending bill, which Obama was expected to sign promptly. All 182 Democrats present voted for the bill, while it received only 75 Republican “yes” votes. It was a major victory for Obama and the Democrats, and a wholesale retreat for Republicans, who have spent months railing against an “unconstitutional overreach” by Obama in extending deportation stays and work permits to millions of immigrants in this country illegally. [Source]

Despite fiery CPAC speech, is Ted Cruz changing course?

The Texas Republican dazzled conservative supporters at a conference outside Washington with tough anti-establishment talk, but inside the Capitol, he appears to be softening his approach

February 27, 2015

Yahoo! News - Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas used a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday to rail against the party establishment, calling himself a “disruptive app” such as Uber that would upend the political system. Delighting the assembled conservative shock troops, Cruz castigated the Republican leadership for selling out its principles by separating a funding bill for the Department of Homeland Security from a measure that would roll back President Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration.
“Unfortunately, Republican leadership is cutting a deal with Harry Reid and the Democrats to give in on executive amnesty,” Cruz told the applauding CPAC crowd of the looming votes to fund the agency, which will shut down Saturday if there is no action from Congress.
And yet just the day before, Cruz took a little-remarked-on action that seemed to belie his combative rhetoric. Talking to reporters on Capitol Hill, Cruz indicated he would not stop an agreement between Democratic and Republican leaders to proceed with a clean bill to fund the DHS and avoid a shutdown the same agreement he lambasted in his CPAC speech. For the firebrand legislator, best known for his role in the politically disastrous 2013 government shutdown, it was an intriguing signal that he may be softening his famously hard-line approach.

Cruz’s position on the underlying legislation — that it’s a bad deal for conservatives who want to stop President Obama’s executive actions on immigration — remains unchanged. But Cruz apparently was openly accepting that he could not permanently block passage of the bill. In a smashmouth political culture in which legislators use every parliamentary tactic to gain advantage and seize the spotlight, the simple act of bowing to reality was noticeable.

Groundbreaking Ruling on Public Sector Pension Plans by Detroit Bankruptcy Judge Could Lead to Other States and Municipalities Cutting Retirees’ Pensions, Freezing Existing Pension Plans, and Shifting Workers into New Plans

Cracks Starting to Appear in Public Pensions’ Armor

February 25, 2015

New York Times - First in Detroit, then in Stockton, Calif., and now in New Jersey, judges and other top officials are challenging the widespread belief that public pensions are untouchable.

Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey delivered the latest blow on Tuesday, when he proposed to freeze that state’s public pension plans and move workers into new ones intended not to overwhelm future budgets or impose open-ended demands on taxpayers.

The first crack came in Detroit, where a judge ruled that public pensions could, in fact, be reduced, at least in bankruptcy. Then, just a few weeks ago, an opinion by the bankruptcy judge for Stockton, which emerged from Chapter 9 on Wednesday, called California’s mighty public pension system, Calpers, a bully for insisting in court that pension cuts were wholly out of the question.

Such dogma “encourages dysfunctional strategies,” wrote the judge, Christopher Klein, chief judge of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of California. He said Calpers’s legal arguments were invalid, and he concluded that it lacked standing to dominate the courtroom discussion the way it had. Stockton did not even seek permission to freeze its pension plans, but the judge nevertheless wrote that it was entitled to do so and went on to cite steps that struggling cities in general should take to trim their pension costs legally.

February 26, 2015

Eddie Ray Routh, a Long-term Chemically 'Modified' Patsy

NEO: The Strange Death of an American Sniper

Killings at a five-star, 11,000 acre shooting rang favored by the Bush family, with 24 surveillance, yet investigators never obtained any of the footage from the day of the shootings...

February 16, 2015

Gordon Duff, Veterans Today - Chris Kyle, the former Navy SEAL revered as a national hero was worth more dead than alive, financially and politically. Martyred, murdered by a former US Marine, or so we assume, his political capital is soaring as Americans relearn love of bravado and swagger and, as is so often the case, embrace mythology and outright lies.

As the trial continues, the narrative becomes more and more fanciful, two heroes gunned down while armed to the teeth, country boys at a millionaire’s dude ranch, a killer who shoots, gets tacos, and moves right on with life.  Nothing wrong here, not so far, happens every day.

Living or dead, there was little truth behind Chris Kyle, now a Hollywood “golden calf” and poster boy for more wars, for torture, a poster boy for indecency.

Kyle, portrayed in the blockbuster film, American Sniper, is portrayed by Bradley Cooper. Kyle’s death is left out of the film and perhaps for good reason. It is very likely that Kyle, killed by Eddie Ray Routh, an Adam Lanza clone, was murdered simply to shut him up.

Dead, Kyle is a key asset supporting America’s illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and cleanses the filth from the Bush name, as Jeb plans his run for the American presidency.

The American Sniper phenomena is surprising. There is enough “out there” to trash Kyle already. His “aw shucks” demeanor on TV appearances had been overshadowed by his nearly endless fabrications.

Every time Kyle opened his mouth, he put his foot in it, from his wild claim of beating up former governor of Minnesota and professional wrestler, Jesse Ventura to stories about killing looters in New Orleans or “street thugs” trying to steal his car.  Perhaps Kyle had seen Ventura with Alex Jones?

None of these stories stood up under scrutiny.

Report: War College Says Army is Filled with Liars and Cheats

Censored: War College says Army Filled with Liars and Cheats

Obama only fired two hundred generals? There are 5000 more that need more than firing.

“Untruthfulness is surprisingly common in the U.S. military even though members of the profession are loath to admit it. Further, much of the deception and dishonesty that occurs in the profession of arms is actually encouraged and sanctioned by the military institution. The end result is a profession whose members often hold and propagate a false sense of integrity that prevents the profession from addressing—or even acknowledging—the duplicity and deceit throughout the formation.” Taken from the censored February 2015 report.

February 22, 2015

Gordon Duff, Senior Editor, Veterans Today - The Army War College study released this week tells us nothing new. Several news sites carrying the report have been hacked through Shockwave, disabling browsers and placing malware in computers. When Veterans Today tried to save and publish the document, we were, within 5 minutes, hit with “copyright infringement” charges. The problem, of course, is that this is a public document paid for by the Department of Defense, declassified and in the public domain.

The hacks included the UK Daily Mail and other news organizations. The Army instigated open cyber warfare against not only Veterans Today but other news organizations around the world, hoping they could somehow control what we expect will be a story they will never be able to contain. They problem is, they tried.

The information will get out. We put a link, which still works so far, and left up their cheesy attempt to silence what little honesty has gotten out of the bloated and corrupt Pentagon.

Our experience as journalists working with the military for these many years had left little room for doubt. Nearly every day, one issue or another proves the military to be living in its own little world of bribery, perversity and espionage. When General Dempsey accelerated the cleansing process, kicking crooks, buggerers, child molesters and, in particular, a satanic coven that spread across the army, part of the Pentecostalist takeover of the chaplain corps, screams from both the right and Israel lobby became deafening.

America’s military is defined by its failures, not just the ‘joy stick warriors’ but the bombastic special operations goofs, glory hounds like the now dead, Chris Kyle, who we believe murdered so he wouldn’t be stripped bare on the witness stands during the Jesse Ventura case.

The imaginary world of TV, as close to real war as Washington or the Pentagon gets, is now duplicated in our military budget where our failed wars can simply be rewritten and fed to Hollywood and the unsuspecting like the humiliating American defeat at Na Trang was turned around by Mel Gibson is his ultra-fictional “We Wuz Soldiers.”

The American military is the hiding place, the careerists certainly, for the weak minded, the ignorant and the dishonest, perhaps all except those who wrote this report. We hope they are safe. We have already been warned.

Then again, we don’t give up easily: The article restored by VT after a bit of arm twisting:
Lying To Ourselves, Dishonesty in the Army Profession

Green Climate Fund to Redistribute Wealth from Rich Countries to the Tiny Elite That Runs the World

Scientists witness carbon dioxide trapping heat in air

February 25, 2015

AP - Scientists have witnessed carbon dioxide trapping heat in the atmosphere above the United States, chronicling human-made climate change in action, live in the wild.

A new study in the journal Nature demonstrates in real-time field measurements what scientists already knew from basic physics, lab tests, numerous simulations, temperature records and dozens of other climatic indicators. They say it confirms the science of climate change and the amount of heat-trapping previously blamed on carbon dioxide.

Researchers saw "the fingerprint of carbon dioxide" trapping heat, said study author Daniel Feldman of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California. He said no one before had quite looked in the atmosphere for this type of specific proof of climate change.

February 25, 2015

Over the Past Five Months, U.S. Had 1,600 Kills in Syria on the 'Islamic State,' Which 'Emerged in Syria in 2013'

US-led strikes in Syria 'kill 1,600' in five months

February 24, 2015

AFP - US-led air strikes against the Islamic State group in Syria have killed more than 1,600 people, mainly jihadists, since they began five months ago, a monitor said on Monday.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said almost all of those killed were jihadists from IS and Al-Qaeda's Syrian affiliate Al-Nusra Front, though it also documented the deaths of 62 civilians.

The Britain-based monitor said the strikes that began on September 23 had killed 1,465 members of the Islamic State group, most of them non-Syrians.

Another 73 fighters from Al-Nusra Front were killed, along with a man from a rebel group being held prisoner by IS in the group's de facto capital Raqa.

Washington and a small coalition of Arab countries began strikes against IS in Syria last year, expanding US-led operations with a broader coalition already underway against IS in Iraq.

IS emerged in Syria in 2013, growing from Al-Qaeda's former Iraqi affiliate.

But it broke with Al-Qaeda and declared an Islamic "caliphate" in territory it controls in Syria and Iraq, attracting a steady stream of foreign fighters and carrying out abuses including beheadings.

The 'Hasbara Project' and the 'Israel Project' Has Influenced Millions of Americans to Support Israel: We Have Fallen into a Trap of Condoning Whatever Israel Does as Orchestrated by God

The Hasbara Project

There really is a Hasbara Handbook. You can download your very own copy right now – this one, by the World Union of Jewish Students, is from 2002 and aims to help students make the case for Israel. You could, the book suggests, try one of two methods. You could engage in real debate or you could “point score.”  As it says on page 9 under the title “How to score points whilst avoiding debate”, and no I did not make this up: “Central to point scoring is the ability to disguise point scoring by giving the impression of genuine debate. Audience members can be alienated by undisguised attacks so all point scoring needs to be disguised.”

May 23, 2009

The Global Consciousness - Possible one of the most successful projects in American history, the Hasbara Project has influenced millions of Americans to support Israel through downplaying Israeli war crimes and demonizing the Palestinians.

Starting in the 1980’s, the Hasbara Project’s mission statement was to “train foreign-service officers in communications by placing them with American companies”. In translation: Implementing Israel-sympathetic journalists into the heart of American media.

An example of their efforts can be found in the book, “Battleground: Fact and Fantasy in Palestine” written by Hasbara missionary, Shmuel Katz. He considers the book textbook material that is a must-read for anyone influenced by the “Arab-propaganda”. The New York Times considers it at “the Number One World Problem Today”, which they go on further by calling it, “one-sided”.

Ever heard much about the Israel-Lebanon war? Probably not, because of the Hasbara. It was a humiliating defeat for the Israelis after invading Lebanon and killing over a thousand Lebanese civilians–much more than the total of Hezbollah causalities, just to end up defeated by Hezbollah.

Netanyahu Accuses Iran of Forming 'Third Front' Against Israel on the Syria Golan Heights

Iran forming 'third front' against Israel on Golan: Netanyahu

February 22, 2015

AFP - Iran is seeking to open a "third front" against Israel using Hezbollah fighters on the Syrian Golan Heights, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday.

Netanyahu said Tehran's attempts to entrench itself along Israel's borders was one of the biggest emerging security threats facing the Jewish state.
"Alongside Iran's direct guidance of Hezbollah's actions in the north and Hamas's in the south, Iran is trying also to develop a third front on the Golan Heights via the thousands of Hezbollah fighters who are in southern Syria and over which Iran holds direct command," he said.
Speaking at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting, Netanyahu said his ministers were to be briefed on "the security challenges developing around us, first and foremost Iran's attempt to increase its foothold on Israel's borders even as it works to arm itself with nuclear weapons."

Iranian Activity Along the Golan Heights 'Has Set Off Alarm Bells' in Israel

Israel on edge as Hezbollah, Iran move on Golan Heights

February 20, 2015

Al Jazeera - A recent surprise offensive against Syrian rebels in southern Syria, apparently directed by Iran, may have more to do with preparing a new front against Israel along the Golan Heights and deterring Jordan than with crushing armed opposition to the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

Launched on Feb. 9, the offensive is intended to push rebel forces in the Quneitra and Deraa provinces back toward the Jordanian border. If it succeeds, the effort would enable Hezbollah, an Iranian-backed Shia group, to extend its front line with Israel from the Mediterranean coast to the Yarmouk River on the Syria-Jordan border, a distance of 114 miles.

But Israel has warned that it will not tolerate Iran and Hezbollah building a military front in the Golan, its quietest border since the 1973 Arab-Israeli War, despite the ongoing Israeli occupation of the Syrian territory.

Palestine Could Shut Down Security Partnership with Israel: "The Palestinian People are Fed Up, the Explosion Will Be Destructive"

Israel-Palestinian Security Ties Unravel as Peace Hope Dims

February 24, 2015

Bloomberg - After eight years of joint security operations and intelligence sharing with Israel that have kept tensions in the West Bank from erupting most of the time, Palestinian leaders are weighing an end to the arrangement.

Ties with Israel are on the brink of a “comprehensive confrontation,” said Jibril Rajoub, a close adviser to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and one of the architects of security coordination in its first phase after the 1993 Oslo peace accords.
“We will not be an insurance company.”
Shutting down the security partnership could increase daily violence and threaten foreign aid to the Palestinians, both sides say. Israel is making contingency plans to fortify Jewish settlements.

With peace talks dormant and settlements expanding, Rajoub and other senior leaders on the Palestine Liberation Organization’s Central Committee will meet March 8 to consider halting cooperation with Israel’s army, police and intelligence services -- a system supervised since 2007 by a succession of U.S. generals.

Under the arrangement, Palestinian forces run security in West Bank cities, while Israeli troops remain at the outskirts. The Israelis, though, maintain freedom of movement in the cities after midnight to seize suspects and break up cells they believe the Palestinians are unable or unwilling to tackle.

February 24, 2015

Israel Cuts Off Electricity to Thousands of West Bank Palestinians and Warns of More Outages to Come

Israel cuts off electricity to thousands of West Bank Palestinians

February 23, 2015

LA Times - Israel's electric company cut off power Monday to more than 700,000 Palestinians in two major West Bank cities and nearby villages, and warned that more outages are coming if Palestinian officials don't pay millions of dollars in outstanding debt.

The outage in Nablus, the largest West Bank city, and Jenin, to the north, lasted about an hour, but could become a regular part of West Bank life if the Palestinian Authority and the local electric utilities don't pay their bills, the Israel Electric Corp. (IEC) warned.

Palestinian officials described the IEC move as a political step and collective punishment against the Palestinian people after the Palestinian Authority joined the Hague-based International Criminal Court last month.

Israel Tax Freeze Aims 'to Collapse Palestinian Authority'

Israel tax freeze aims 'to collapse Palestinian Authority'

February 22, 2015

AFP - Speaking to Voice of Palestine radio, chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erakat demanded world action to pressure Israel into releasing monies owed to the Palestinian Authority which were frozen as a punitive measure nearly two months ago.
"Israel is aiming to collapse the Palestinian Authority with all its institutions, so the international community should do much more than stating what the results of such move might be," Erakat said.

"This money is not Israeli money nor donors' money, this is an unprecedented act of piracy," he railed.
Every month, Israel transfers to the PA around $127 million in customs duties levied on goods destined for Palestinian markets that transit through Israeli ports - revenues which collectively make up around two-thirds of the Authority's annual budget, excluding foreign aid.

But on January 2, the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suspended the December funds as a punitive measure after the Palestinians moved to join the International Criminal Court, where they could potentially sue Israel for alleged war crimes.

Russia Accuses U.S. of Bringing 'Chaos' to the Middle East

Russia accuses US of bringing 'chaos' to Middle East

February 24, 2015

AFP - Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accused the United States on Monday of plunging the Middle East into chaos and fueling the rise of extremists because of its drive to dominate the world.

Lavrov leveled the fierce criticism of Washington's policies at a special UN Security Council debate on maintaining international peace and security.

The foreign minister cited the US-led air strikes in Syria, the 2003 invasion of Iraq and the 2011 military intervention in Libya as examples of "violations of the fundamental principles of the United Nations."
"All of this is the result of attempts to dominate global affairs, to rule over all, everywhere, to use military force unilaterally to push one's interests," Lavrov told the 15-member council.

"These have plunged the Middle East and North Africa into instability and chaos, and to a large extent have created a breeding ground in which extremists thrive," he said.
Russia and the United States have been at loggerheads over the war in Syria, with Moscow supporting President Bashar al-Assad and opposing US air strikes against Islamic State targets.

What Is Zionism? Ideological Settlers View Themselves as True Zionists, Called Upon to Reclaim the Holy Land in Its Entirety, Almost Regardless of the Consequences

Zionism debate at heart of bitter Israeli vote

February 24, 2015

AP - What is Zionism? The ideological question, rooted in the 19th century, has gained surprising urgency in an Israeli election campaign that seems more open than had been expected.

Seeking to take votes from the nationalistic right of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the relatively liberal opposition has rebranded itself as the Zionist Union — sparking a debate about a concept that some considered resolved when the Jewish state was declared and widely recognized in 1948.

Since adopting the name in early December, Isaac Herzog's Labor Party — bolstered by a smaller grouping led by former opposition leader Tsipi Livni — has surged in the polls. They are now running neck-and-neck in the polls with Netanyahu's Likud.

The debate over who best reflects the ideals of Zionism — and who can most credibly lay claim to its successes — has lent an oddly philosophical hue to a campaign that had been dominated by more prosaic issues such as budget scandals in the management of the prime minister's residence. Along the way, the stage appears to have been set for a surprisingly climactic vote on March 17.

On the left, politicians speak of true Zionism as requiring the establishment of peace and equality in the land, including by making peace with the Palestinians and giving up land if needed.

Netanyahu has mocked his rivals as "the anti-Zionist Union." Backers of his Likud tend to equate the term with a strong Israel standing up to its enemies, and with the West Bank settler movement specifically. Ideological settlers view themselves as true Zionists, called upon to reclaim the Holy Land in its entirety almost regardless of the consequences.

Leaked Document Shows Israel's Mossad Concluded Iran was "Not Performing the Activity Necessary to Produce Weapons"

Leaks contradict Israel's claim Iran was close to bomb

February 23, 2015

AFP - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's claim that Iran was a year away from making a nuclear bomb was contradicted by his secret services, according to reports Monday citing leaked documents.

The inconsistency was revealed in a cache of communications between South African intelligence services and their global partners -- including Israel's Mossad and America's CIA -- that were leaked to Qatar-based news network Al-Jazeera and Britain's The Guardian daily.

In 2012 Netanyahu told world leaders at the United Nations that Iran could create a nuclear weapon within a year, brandishing a diagram in the form of a lit bomb to indicate the advanced state of Tehran's development effort.

He warned the world that unless Iran was stopped, as of mid-2013 it would only need "a few months, or even a few weeks" of additional uranium enrichment activity to develop a bomb.

But weeks after the speech, Mossad shared a report with South African intelligence which concluded Iran was "not performing the activity necessary to produce weapons," according to the Guardian.

February 21, 2015

True-Torah Jews Are Against Zionism

Israelis today, explains the anti-Zionist Jew Israel Shahak, "are not basing their religion on the ethics of justice. They do not accept the Old Testament as it is written. Rather, religious Jews turn to the Talmud. For them, the Talmudic Jewish laws become 'the Bible.' And the Talmud teaches that a Jew can kill a non-Jew with impunity." In the teachings of Christ, there was a break from such Talmudic teachings: He sought to heal the wounded, to comfort the downtrodden. The danger, of course, for U.S. Christians is that having made an icon of Israel, we fall into a trap of condoning whatever Israel does—even wanton murder—as orchestrated by God. ― Grace Halsell

"He [Nick Rockefeller] even mentioned to me once that they were having a real problem trying to solve the Israel-Palestinian problem. And he talked to me once about [that] they were playing with the idea of bringing Israel to Arizona, and taking all the people from Israel and giving everybody a million dollars and setting up Israel in the State of Arizona to end that problem. That's a problem that they're not in charge of, in a sense. They're not controlling that problem." - Aaron Russo on his conversations with Nick Rockefeller about the the Council on Foreign Relations and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (video). 

The annual Salute to Israel Parade march draws thousands of supporters each May in New York City. Should those with views hostile to Israel be allowed to participate?

"Although there are those who refuse to accept the teachings of our rabbis and will continue to support the Zionist state, there are also many who are totally unaware of the history of Zionism and its contradiction to the beliefs of Torah-True Jews. From its inception, many rabbis warned of the potential dangers of Zionism and openly declared that all Jews loyal to G-d should stay away from it like one would from fire. They made their opinions clear to their congregants and to the general public. Their message was that Zionism is a chauvinistic racist phenomenon which has absolutely naught to do with Judaism. They publicly expressed that Zionism would definitely be detrimental to the well being of Jews and Gentiles and that its effects on the Jewish religion would be nothing other than destructive. Further, it would taint the reputation of Jewry as a whole and would cause utter confusion in the Jewish and non-Jewish communities. Judaism is a religion. Judaism is not a race or a nationality. That was and still remains the consensus amongst the rabbis."

"We were given the Holy Land by G-d in order to be able to study and practice the Torah without disturbance and to attain levels of holiness difficult to attain outside of the Holy Land. We abused the privilege and we were expelled. That is exactly what all Jews say in their prayers on every Jewish festival, 'Umipnay chatoenu golinu mayartsaynu'—'Because of our sins, we were expelled from our land.'"

"We have been forsworn by G-d 'not to enter the Holy Land as a body before the predestined time;' 'not to rebel against the nations;' to be loyal citizens, not to do anything against the will of any nation or its honour; not to seek vengeance, discord, restitution or compensation; 'not to leave exile ahead of time.' On the contrary, we have to be humble and accept the yoke of exile. To violate the oaths would result in 'your flesh will be made prey as the deer and the antelope in the forest,' and the redemption will be delayed."
- Rabbi Gedalya Liebermann, True Torah Jews (Jews Against Zionism)

Muslim Leader Who Called Israel a 'Suspect' in 9/11 Attends White House Summit

Muslim Leader Who Called Israel a 'Suspect' in 9/11 Attends WH Summit

February 20, 2015

Fox News - Many moderate Muslims were invited to this week's White House summit on violent extremism. But one particular invitee raised some eyebrows, as critics pointed out that he had once suggested Israel should be on the "suspect list" for the 9/11 attacks.

Salam Al-Marayati, founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), has since apologized for saying that, but he has expressed many other harsh anti-Israel views over the years.

February 19, 2015

Scopolamine in Small Doses Causes Submissive Behavior, While in Larger Doses Causes Almost Instantaneous Unconsciousness, Followed by Complete Anterograde Amnesia

Is Scopolamine the world's scariest drug?

May 14, 2012

Digital Journal - What would it take to be considered the world's scariest drug? A documentary that has gone viral in two days has a suggestion –– it’s one that criminals use to erase your memory and renders you incapable of exercising your free will.

The drug, called scopolamine, also known as ‘The Devil’s Breath,' is derived from a particular type of tree common in Colombia called the Borrachero tree. The word "borrachero," which roughly translates to "get-you-drunk," grows wild in Bogota,Colombia. This tree which naturally produces scopolamine is so famous in the countryside that mothers warn their children not to fall asleep below its cunningly beautiful yellow and white flowers. "We probably should put some sort of fence up," jokes biologist Gustavo Morales at Bogota's botanical gardens to Reuters, eyeing children playing with borrachero seeds everywhere. The pollen alone is said to conjure up strange dreams. And when extracted and made into a colorless, odorless and tasteless powder, scopolamine does more than induce strange dreams. 

Quickly dissolved in liquids, criminals slip the powder into drinks or sprinkle it on food. Reuters states that victims become so docile that they have been known to help thieves rob their homes and empty their bank accounts. Women have been drugged repeatedly over days and gang-raped or rented out as prostitutes.

February 18, 2015

Taya Kyle Withheld 'American Sniper' Proceeds from Bereaved Families; Chris Kyle Told His Business Partners That There was Discord in His Marriage and He Believed Divorce was a Very Real Possibility

Chris Kyle talked with a reporter from the Texan News Service, a student run paper at Tarleton State University, on January 28, 2013, five days before he was murdered. Click the link and go to the 7-minute mark to hear Kyle evading the question about how many books he's sold and repeating his claim that all the money he's gotten from the book has been given to the families of veterans. Kent Studebaker, Taya Kyle's father, confirmed Kyle had received a $100,000 advance for “American Sniper” (written in 2011-2012) and an additional $700,000 sometime after that, but wouldn't elaborate on the total paid out to him in royalties before his death.

'American Sniper': Chris Kyle's Widow at Center of Quiet Furor Over Profits

'American Sniper': Chris Kyle's Widow at Center of Quiet Furor Over Profits

February 18, 2015

The Hollywood Reporter - When he was alive, Chris Kyle told friends and business associates that he viewed any profits from his memoir American Sniper as “blood money.” The legendary Navy SEAL, whose account of his four tours of duty in Iraq was adapted into the Clint Eastwood movie that is now up for six Oscars including best picture, maintained that he wanted the money to go to support struggling military families. After Kyle and a friend were shot and killed in 2013 by a veteran Kyle was helping, The New York Times retold this widely known point of view: “Though his book became a best-seller, he never collected money from it, friends said, donating the proceeds to the families of two friends and fallen SEAL members, Ryan Job and Marc Lee.”

Yet today, with more than $6 million banked from the American Sniper franchise (boosted by the sale of more than 2 million books) and millions more on the way as the Warner Bros. film nears $400 million worldwide, a quiet dispute festers over who is entitled to that windfall. At the center of the discord is Kyle’s widow, Taya, 40, who is alleged to have ignored her late husband’s wishes and withheld money from the bereaved families he publicly had promised to support.

February 17, 2015

Iranian Supreme Leader Criticizes 'American Sniper' Movie

Report: Iran's Supreme Leader Criticizes 'American Sniper'

February 17, 2015

AP - Iran's supreme leader has criticized the film "American Sniper," saying the movie about a U.S. soldier fighting in Iraq encourages violence against Muslims, a state-run newspaper reported Tuesday.

The comments by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, published in the daily IRAN Farsi newspaper, come amid renewed criticism of the West by the leader as his country negotiates with world powers over its contested nuclear program.

The newspaper quoted Khamenei as saying he hadn't watched the film directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Bradley Cooper, but had heard about its plot from others. The film focuses on the life of U.S. Navy SEAL marksman Chris Kyle, who with 160 confirmed kills is considered the most lethal sniper in American military history.
"The movie 'Sniper' that is made by Hollywood encourages a Christian or non-Muslim youngster to harass and offend the Muslims as far as they could," the newspaper quoted Khamenei as saying.
Khamenei also reportedly discussed neo-Nazis attacking Muslims in Germany, saying Muslims have no safety in the West.
"You are seeing what sort of propaganda there are against Muslims in Europe and the U.S.," he reportedly said.

Netanyahu May Have Leaked U.S. Secrets to Hurt Iran Negotiations

A perfect storm brews in the Middle East

  1. US officials believe that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has authorized his government to release secret details of the US nuclear negotiations with Iran to the Israeli press.
  2. The alleged leaks would appear designed to undermine the negotiations, which Israel opposes.
  3. In response, according to Ignatius, the US has decided to "reduce the exchange of sensitive information about the Iran talks" with Israel.

February 16, 2015

Israel Calls for a Mass Migration of Jews from Europe to Israel

After attacks, Europe fights call for mass migration of Jews

February 16, 2015

AP - Despite desecrated Jewish graves in France and a deadly attack at a synagogue in Denmark, European leaders on Monday rejected calls from Israel's leader for a mass migration of the continent's Jews to Israel, urging unity instead.

Hundreds of Jewish tombstones were found vandalized in eastern France on Sunday, hours after a Danish Jew guarding a synagogue in Copenhagen was shot to death. Frenchmen have been accused of three deadly attacks on Jewish sites since 2012: one at a school in the southern city of Toulouse, another at a museum in Brussels and finally one at a kosher market in Paris last month. Twelve people died in total.

February 14, 2015

Chris and Taya Kyle Lied About Donating All the Proceeds from 'American Sniper' to Charity

Chris Kyle talked with a reporter from the Texan News Service, a student run paper at Tarleton State University, on January 28, 2013, five days before he was murdered. Click the link and go to the 7-minute mark to hear Kyle evading the question about how many books he's sold and repeating his claim that all the money he's gotten from the book has been given to the families of veterans. Kent Studebaker, Taya Kyle's father, confirmed Kyle had received a $100,000 advance for “American Sniper” (written in 2011-2012) and an additional $700,000 sometime after that, but wouldn't elaborate on the total paid out to him in royalties before his death.

Just days before Kyle was killed on February 2, 2013, he donated about $56,000 to the families of slain SEALs, Ryan Job and Marc Lee, as well as to a charity supporting veterans. At a memorial service for Kyle in Dallas, footage of which is shown at the end of "American Sniper," Lee's mother and president of the nonprofit America’s Mighty Warriors — whom Kyle describes in the book as “almost a surrogate mother to the other members of our platoon”— recalled the moment she learned of Kyle’s largesse. “I was speechless, overwhelmed and in tears,” Lee told the audience of 7,000 mourners. “Chris didn’t publish that book for an income or to be famous. He hated the spotlight. Chris did that for his teammates.” 

Jesse Ventura won his lawsuit against the Kyle estate in July 2014 for $1.845 million after the former Minnesota governor successfully argued he was defamed by a passage in "American Sniper." Taya Kyle has said that she will struggle to pay the $1.345 million of that verdict for which Kyle's estate is responsible. Forged.com, a clothing company that sells officially licensed "American Sniper" merchandise, raised more than $1 million in donations in a week to cover part of what the Kyle estate owes Ventura. Forged.com is continuing to give a portion of sales on the site to the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation, which Taya oversees. She also has received other donations intended to help her pay the part of the Ventura judgment that HarperCollins’ insurance does not cover. Shortly after Kyle’s funeral in February 2013, hedge fund manager J. Kyle Bass, who helped Kyle co-found Craft International, visited Taya and promised to give her ownership of the home bought by Bass, through his company, that the family had been living in rent-free; and Chris' partners at Craft raised $300,000 for the Kyle family after his death. [Source]

In 2010, it was Bass, along with other investors, who provided Chris Kyle funds to live on, and he eventually raised a total of about $2.6 million to form what became Craft International. Shortly after Chris' death, Taya filed a lawsuit against Chris' co-founders at Craft, accusing them of mishandling company funds. In her legal filings, she detailed the promise Bass made of giving her the home and noted that he did not follow through. But other sources claim Bass conditioned his gift of the home on Taya giving proceeds from the book and movie to the families of two friends and fallen SEAL members, Job and Lee. The suit was settled out of court in late 2014, and Bass agreed to let her continue to live in the home until October 30, after which she can buy the house for $314,612 or pay rent to remain. [Source]

So whatever happened to the repeated claim that the proceeds from "American Sniper" would go/had gone to charity, benefiting the families of his fallen friends?

Consider what Kyle’s publisher wrote after his tragic passing: "He dedicated his life in recent years to supporting veterans and donated the proceeds of "American Sniper" to the families of his fallen friends."

An article in the Blaze definitively proclaimed: "A perfect reflection of his character, Kyle gave all proceeds from his best-selling book "American Sniper" to the families of soldiers killed in combat."

Or this line from a Human Events article: "For "American Sniper," Kyle donated the profits from that book to charity."

An article in D magazine quoted Kyle as saying he decided not to take a dime from "American Sniper": "As it became a best-seller, he gave two-thirds [of the proceeds] to the families of fallen teammates and the rest to a charity that helped wounded veterans. It was something he and Taya discussed a lot."

In The New Yorker, it was reported that "Kyle split the earnings with DeFelice and McEwen [his ghost writers] and donated his profits to the families of fallen soldiers."

Kyle perpetuated this idea, telling the same proceeds-went-to-charity tale to the Texas News Service and even adding that he regularly received tearful calls and letters of thanks.

And now for the kicker: It isn’t true. Out of the staggering $3 million that "American Sniper" collected in royalties for Kyle (as of June 30, 2013), only $52,000 actually went to the families of fallen servicemen. (Rather than 100 percent of the proceeds, as the public was led to believe, try 2 percent!) While Kyle’s widow claimed, in her testimony, that they never intended to profit from the book, and "wanted" to donate the money to other veterans, she said they were weren’t able to because of — get this! — "gift-tax laws that prevented them from donating more than $13,000 each to two families last year."

Taya Kyle and the Studebaker Family Are Zionists with an Agenda to Demonize Islam and Arabs

Taya Kyle Proves Herself a Zionist Agent, Indicates Husband Chris Kyle is Still Alive

EDITOR'S NOTE: There is no evidence that Kyle faked his death, as the author of this story believes. However, the theory presented in this story that Taya and her family are Zionists is compelling.

February 3, 2015

nodisinfo.com - Make no mistake about it crypto-Jew Taya Kyle is working directly on behalf of the arch-Zionist cabal, spewing lies for her own self-aggrandisement, for her own wretched and corrupt gains. Regardless, there is something highly suspect about terminally corrupt arch-liar and death hoax orchestration collaborator, Taya Kyle. Her family name is Taya Studebaker.

Regardless, what could be more of a proof of the involvement in Zionist plots than her actions, which are to promote and, in fact, advance great acts of Islamophobia?

Who knows what will happen because of her arch-treacherous actions, how many innocent people will be tormented, beaten, tortured, raped, and/or killed? How many mosques and other institutions that resemble Islamic facilities will be attacked and firebombed? How may Muslim-appearing or Arab-appearing people will be tormented, attacked, even beaten or killed? She will be responsible for any such actions, because all that she represents is the false and corrupt demonization of a people.

Iraq War Veteran Eddie Ray Routh Was Diagnosed with PTSD, Psychosis and Severe Mental Illnesses: He Pleads Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity to Murdering Chris Kyle

Chris Kyle decided to put Routh in the backseat of his truck and drive him two hours to a shooting range. While Routh sat in the backseat by himself with a small arsenal of guns and ammo, Kyle and his friend Littlefield, both of whom Routh had never met, sent text messages to each other about Routh, barely speaking to him. Kyle's text to Littlefield read, "This dude is straight up nuts." Littlefield, in the passenger seat, texted back: "He's [sitting] right behind me, watch my 6," a military term for "watch my back." During the drive, Routh, who was under psychiatric care and taking anti-psychotic prescription medications (one being Risperidone, used to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, with side effects that include aggressive behavior, agitation and anxiety), became convinced that the two men intended to kill him.

On February 2, 2013 Chris Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield were fatally shot on a Texas gun range. Former marine Eddie Ray Routh, who had been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, psychosis and severe mental illness, confessed to the murders. Routh had been a small arms technician who served in Iraq and was deployed to earthquake-ravaged Haiti before leaving the Marines in 2010.

Eddie Routh's mother, who worked as an aide at the Kyle kids' school, was the person who asked Kyle to take on her son in a program to help rehabilitate wounded and troubled veterans through exercise. The program, sponsored by Fitness Cares Foundation, was established in 2011; however, the company, Fitness Cares, or FITCO, "an elite fitness equipment industry," approached Kyle in 2012 to help promote the foundation by using his name to raise funds. In 2013, the foundation raised $263,067 in private donations: $112,603 (or 43% of funds raised) was used to purchase fitness equipment from the company, FITCO, to then give to veterans; and $96,583 (or 37% of funds raised) was spent on indirect costs/overhead (which included $26,485 for salaries, although none of the seven directors are paid, and a suspicious $11,406 for payroll taxes); leaving $53,881 (or 20% of funds raised) in donations to be invested ($10,014 of the fund balance was used to payoff expenses that exceeded revenue from the previous year).

Kyle agreed to work with Routh a week before the fateful trip to the gun range. Kyle and his neighbor and hunting buddy, Chad Littlefield — a facilities and logistics manager with a lab in DeSoto, Texas, who was not a veteran — decided to take Routh shooting on February 2, 2013. However, no one in Routh's inner circle, including Routh himself, knew that Kyle was planning to pick him up that day: Kyle made multiple calls to Routh's home phone that day, the last call being around noon, before he pulled up in Routh's driveway at 1:07 p.m.

For years the Routh family sought help through the Veterans Health Administration but found themselves adrift in a system struggling to meet the demands spurred by a decade of war and the aging veterans of past conflicts. In 2004, the V.A. Inspector General called the Dallas facility the worst in the nation; in 2012, a Dallas TV station interviewed veterans who alleged that the facility was so poor that it put “lives at risk.”

Routh had been in and out of a psychiatric hospital and the Veterans Affairs hospital in Dallas three times in the months leading up to the killings, and area police reports documented Routh’s mental problems.
Six months before a hunting guide found Kyle and Littlefield's bodies, police caught up with a shirtless, shoeless Routh walking the streets of his hometown. He was crying and smelled of alcohol, police said. His mother told police that Routh had just had an argument with his father who said he was going to sell Routh's gun. Routh left the house, threatening to "blow his brains out," she said. The former Marine was suffering from PTSD, though his family didn't understand what he was going through, according to a September 2, 2012, police report. He would be placed in protective custody and sent to Green Oaks Hospital in Dallas for mental evaluation.

On January 19, 2013, Routh and his girlfriend were hanging around her apartment when he fell into a state of paranoia. He began ranting to her and her roommate about government-surveillance activities. He once told a friend that the helicopters overhead were watching him. Outbursts of this nature had become more frequent. He made sure to cover the camera on his computer (“He felt very strongly about that,” his mother said), and confided to family and friends, “They know what we’re doing.” He also worried that he would be forced to return to Iraq. And yet, for all his distress, Routh sometimes contemplated going back into the service. “He had a lot of guilt that he wasn’t still in the Marines, overseas helping people,” his girlfriend said. Inside the apartment, Routh began pacing in front of  the door, clutching a knife. He said that he was prepared to defend her from government agents who were out to get them. For hours, she tried, unsuccessfully, to calm him. Finally, her roommate texted the police, who arrested Routh and took him to Green Oaks psychiatric hospital. He was transferred to the Dallas V.A. the next day.

After Routh arrived at the Dallas V.A., his mother and girlfriend visited him in the evenings. A week later, he did not seem much better. He was taking several medications, and his mother felt that he could hardly carry on a conversation. She urged the doctors to keep him hospitalized, at least until he was stable. Ignoring his mother's request, the V.A. discharged Routh the next day. When his mother drove to the V.A. to pick up her son, he was already out, wandering in the parking lot. She brought him home and told him about Chris Kyle. “I said, ‘This guy has a big reputation. He’s a really good man and he really wants to help you.’ And then he’s like, ‘Mom, that is so awesome’,” his mother recalled. “Eddie was happy. He could feel that somebody wanted to help him, somebody that understood better than me.”

Routh and His Girlfriend, Who Met on a Dating Website in March 2012

The next few days were difficult. Routh's girlfriend, who is Catholic, said he was fixated on “demons and devils.” He went with her to Mass on Sunday, hoping that it would help him. At home with his mother, Routh fluctuated between being angry and wound up, and being dazed and emotionless. “I could see him having flashbacks,” his mother recalled. “You know when you’re daydreaming? You just kind of get that glaze in your eyes? That was what was happening to Eddie. I knew what he was seeing was not good, ’cause he looked like a scared little child. He didn’t look like a man.” At night, he popped out of bed at the slightest sound, running into his mother’s bedroom to make sure that she was safe. “I thought someone was trying to get you,” he told her. His mother said that during the day “he still wasn’t able to carry on a good conversation. He wasn’t making good sense. He was crying a lot. He would come lay down in our bedroom. We’d bring in the dog and lay in the bed and he’d say, ‘Mom, will you hold my hand? I’m so scared. I don’t feel good. I’m not good.’ ” As she held him, Routh said, “I just wish you could be in my head for just a second, just so you could know what I’m feeling like.” “I wish I could,” she told him. “I would take it from you.”

On January 30, 2013, Routh's mother brought him back to the V.A., for a follow-up appointment. As a psychiatrist reviewed his chart, he noted that Routh had been prescribed only half the recommended dosage of risperidone — a powerful antipsychotic that has been widely used in V.A. hospitals to treat PTSD. The psychiatrist adjusted the prescription and ordered the medication to be sent to the Routh house in two days. Routh's mother was livid. When the psychiatrist questioned Routh, he looked to his mom. “He just wasn’t capable of speaking for himself,” she told the reporter. She explained to the psychiatrist that Routh wasn’t sleeping and “couldn’t think straight.” She pleaded with the psychiatrist to readmit him to the hospital, where “he’s not going to be a danger to others or to himself.” But the psychiatrist, according to Routh's mother, shook his head and said that hospitalization wasn’t necessary. Routh's mother then asked the psychiatrist if he could refer Routh to a residential program for people with PTSD, in Waco, Texas. The psychiatrist told her, “He’s not stable enough for that program.” He instructed Routh to come back in two weeks. His mother recalled, “I thought, Two weeks! That’s a long time. I told the doctor, ‘You know, he can’t even answer your questions! He can’t even carry on a conversation. I really think he needs to be in the hospital’.”
On February 2, 2013, Kyle, driving his custom, black Ford-350 truck, and Littlefield, who was in the passenger's seat, picked up Routh at his home and drove him two hours to a shooting range. Routh was looking forward to an excursion with Kyle: “He needed someone to validate what he was feeling, that it was O.K. for other people to go through it,” his girlfriend said. However, when Routh awoke on February 2, 2013, he, along with his girlfriend and his parents (who were out of town), did not know Kyle was coming by to pick him up. Kyle called Routh at him home multiple times that day, the last time at 12:30 p.m., before pulling into his driveway at 1:07 p.m.

While Routh sat in the backseat by himself with a small arsenal of guns and ammo, Kyle and his friend Littlefield, both of whom Routh had never met, sent text messages to each other about him, barely speaking to Routh. Kyle's text to Littlefield read, "This dude is straight up nuts." Littlefield texted back: "He's [sitting] right behind me, watch my 6," a military term for "watch my back." During the drive, Routh, who was under psychiatric care and taking anti-psychotic prescription medications (one being Risperidone, used to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, with side effects that include aggressive behavior, agitation and anxiety), became convinced that the two men intended to kill him.

When they arrived at the resort around 3 PM, they turned up a snaking, 3-mile road toward the lodge, where Kyle parked in front of the main lodge and went inside with Littlefield to register, leaving Routh alone in the backseat of the truck. Then then drove another few miles to the remote shooting range. Kyle was given "exclusive access to the range" as was the case whenever "he came out" to the resort. On the day of the fatal shootings, he said he was going to use the range for about 45 minutes, a resort employee testified.

Shortly after arriving at the the shooting range, Kyle and Littlefield were shot at close range multiple times. With one handgun, Kyle was shot six times, including one shot that struck several major arteries and damaged his lungs. One shot went through his cheek and struck his spinal cord. Several of the shots were considered “rapidly fatal.” With another handgun, Littlefield was shot seven times, including four that would have been instantly fatal. One bullet went through the top of his head, indicating it was likely fired while Littlefield was on his knees. Testimony from the person who conducted the autopsies proves that all the shots, except maybe one, went through his front side. One of those shots traveled through his mid-section, causing massive internal bleeding. The shot to the palm of his left hand exited the front of his hand and could have been one of the shots that hit his face, neck and chest. The shot that the coroner said entered through his back seemed more likely to have entered from the front upper chest, exiting through his lower back. For two years prosecutors claimed that Kyle was shot four times in the back and Littlefield was shot five times in the back, but this is false. They continued to propagate this lie before the jury during testimony in Eddie Ray Routh's murder trial in February 2015.

Barnard said the neither Kyle nor Littlefield had a chance of survival. Click here to read the testimony of Dr. Jeffery Barnard, who conducted the autopsies on Kyle and Littlefield, and Howard Ryan, a forensic operation specialist from New Jersey. Both testified for the prosecution.

The bodies were found by a hunting guide around 5 PM. Littlefield's body was found on a shooting platform, while Kyle's body was found a few yards away in the dirt in front of the elevated platform. "Chris was face-down with his nose in the dirt," said a former resort employee who discovered the bodies. "Chad was on the platform on his back." Both men were armed with .45-caliber 1911-style pistols when they were killed, but neither gun had been unholstered or fired, and the safeties were still on. Prosecutors have not elaborated on how Routh initiated the attack or whether he opened fire on the two men at the same time. Kyle was killed with a .45-caliber pistol, while Littlefield was shot with a 9mm Sig Sauer handgun. Both guns belonged to Kyle, and the Sig Sauer was found in Routh’s possession later that night. The only loaded weapons at the crime scene were the two 1911-style handguns that were in Kyle and Littlefield's waistband holsters, with their safeties on.

Shooting Platform at Crime Scene: Kyle and Littlefield's Bodies Cropped from Image

After leaving the scene in Kyle's truck, Routh stopped briefly at his uncle's house and then drove to the home of his sister and brother-in-law, 65 miles away from the gun range. He admitted to the killings and told his sister, "People were sucking his soul." He left their home in Kyle's truck and headed to his parents' small home in Lancaster, where he had been living. He’d gone home to get his dog and planned to drive to Oklahoma. His sister called 911, telling the operator he claimed to have killed two men. "He said that he killed two guys. They went out to a shooting range. Like, he's all crazy. He's f***ing psychotic. I'm sorry for my language." Routh's sister, who drove with her husband to the police station immediately after calling 911, told police that her brother "was out of his mind, saying people were sucking his soul and that he could smell the pigs." Routh's sister told The New Yorker that her brother said “he killed them” — Kyle and Littlefield — “before they could kill him; he said he couldn’t trust anyone anymore.”

Routh's Sister's Terrified 911 Call

In Routh's sister's 911 call (video above), she does not say that her brother told her that "I sold my soul for a truck," which was reported by the mainstream media. The person who said that is Randy Fowler, an investigator with the Erath County Sheriff’s Department in Texas. Fowler wrote in the affidavit: "Routh drove to his sister’s home in Midlothian, about 50 miles from the gun range where the shooting took place, shortly after the incident. Routh was driving what his sister, Laura Blevins, described as a 'big dark or black Ford F-250 pickup that she had never seen before.' It substantiated Routh’s claim that he had murdered Chris Kyle and his friend, and he told the Blevinses that he had killed Kyle and that he had 'traded his soul for a new truck'." Routh's sister told The New Yorker that her brother asked her if the world was freezing over, then announced that he had a new truck. She then asked if he had traded in his car, a Volkswagen Beetle; he said no, but added, “I sold my soul for a truck.” It is this statement that the defense is using as a motivation for the crime, rather than insanity due to Routh's severe mental illnesses. It is important to note that there was no other vehicle at the crime scene when Routh drove off in Kyle's truck, so it was the only vehicle he could take to flee the scene.

Officers were waiting for Routh that evening when he arrived at his parent's home. A police video displayed for the jury at Routh's trial, which began on February 11, 2015, showed police at Routh's home trying to coax him from Kyle's pickup. Officers in the video are seen trying to talk Routh into surrendering as he makes comments such as: "The [expletive deleted] anarchy has been killing the world," "I can feel everybody feeding on my soul," "Is this about hell walking on earth right now?," "Is voodoo all around us?," and "I didn't sleep a wink last night at all." He also expressed concerns about being stalked by cats and at one point announced, "I need to take a nap" and said he wanted his parents to come home (his parent were out of town). "There's no trust anymore," the video showed Routh saying.
Police Dashboard Camera Show Officers Arresting Eddie Ray Routh

One police officer, who happened to be a neighbor of Routh’s, was recorded by his body camera telling him: “I don’t want to hurt you, buddy. We all grew up together here.” Routh reportedly told the police officer: “It happened so fast. I don’t know if I’m going insane.” Kyle refused to leave the vehicle and eventually sped off with police in pursuit. He stopped six minutes later after a police vehicle rammed into the truck. Police video showed Routh opening the driver's-side door, emerging with his hands up, and sinking to the ground. He surrendered peacefully, police said. An officer is seen on the footage giving himself the sign of the cross.

Routh told police: "It wasn't a want to. It was a need to, to get out of that situation out there today or I was going to be the one out there to get my head shot off."
Weapons and Shooting Platform at Crime Scene

Weapons, Shooting Platform and Crime Scene Markers

Kyle's Custom, Black Ford-350 at Crime Lab

"When he took their lives, he was in the grip of a psychosis," Routh's court-appointed defense attorney said, "a psychosis so severe that he did not know what he was doing was wrong." The defense said Routh's psychosis kicked in during the two-hour drive to the gun range as he sat amid "an arsenal" of guns large enough to support "a small army." During the drive, Routh apparently became convinced that the two men intended to kill him. Their texting back and forth to each other about Routh as he watched from the back seat, no doubt, had something to do with it. "He thought he had to take their lives because he was in danger," Routh's attorney said. According to an affidavit, Routh told his brother-in-law he "couldn't trust them, so he killed them before they could kill him."

According to reports on the opening days of his trial, Routh had a "fitful" last night before the killings. He proposed to his girlfriend (who accepted the proposal) but also paced throughout the home, warning her not to speak out loud "because people were listening."

The prosecution is alleging that Routh drank whiskey that fateful morning and may have smoked "wet" marijuana (cannabis laced with formaldehyde) before getting into Kyle's truck. A Texas ranger found Routh's anti-psychotic prescription medications (one being Risperidone, used to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, with side effects that include aggressive behavior, agitation and anxiety), a whiskey bottle on the table, a bong, and rolling papers when he searched Routh's home after the arrest. However, on cross examination, the ranger said he saw no evidence that Routh was intoxicated or under drug influence at time of his arrest.

Routh's uncle, James Watson, 45, testifying for the prosecution, said the two of them smoked non-laced marijuana between 30 minutes and an hour and a half before Routh left to go to the gun range, and said that they may have had whiskey that morning. Watson was at Routh's home because Routh's then-girlfriend was concerned for his well-being after the two had argued that morning. The previous evening, Routh had proposed to Jen. “We were in the kitchen,” she recalled. “I was getting him his medicine. I turned around, and he got to one knee and asked me to marry him.” Routh didn’t have a ring — he was broke — but pledged to save up for one. Jen accepted the proposal, and spent the night at Routh's home. They got into an argument the next morning, however, and she left around 10 AM.

Prosecutors, trying to support their contention that Routh's motivation for the crime was to steal Kyle's truck, also had Routh's uncle testify about the truck. After Routh left the crime scene, he first drove to his uncle's home, where he stopped briefly. Watson testified that Rough said: "Check out my truck. I'm driving a dead man’s truck." On the "dead man's truck" comment, Watson testified: "I thought he was talking about himself... he would often make bizarre comments like that."

On deferred adjudication for assault on a paramedic in Johnson County, Texas, Watson denies he made any deal with prosecutors. Watson testified that he grew up with Routh and that he learned about religion and morality from his family. “We’re God-fearing people," he said. When the prosecutor asked, "Does he have a sense of morality?," Watson replied: "Yes, he does." When the prosecutor asked, "Does he know right from wrong?," Watson replied, "Yes, he does."

Routh’s attorney is making the case that his client is not guilty by reason of insanity. In opening statements he said that Routh was suffering from severe mental illness at the time of the crime and could not tell right from wrong. Prosecutors have described Routh as a troubled drug user who used marijuana and whiskey the day of the killings, but say he knew right from wrong despite any history of mental illnesses.

Part of the grand jury indictment of Eddie Ray Routh, handed down on July 24, 2013, was the judge’s gag order, effective immediately:
"Due to the 'unusually emotional nature' of the case, its 'unique nature of security issues' and the 'extensive local and national media coverage' that it has already received, the judge directed all relevant law enforcement and judicial bodies, as well as Routh and his family, to refrain from any interaction with the media that might 'interfere with the defendant’s right to a fair trial'."
Despite the gag order, Routh’s lawyer was able to say his client will plead not guilty by reason of insanity and that he planned to present evidence Routh was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder when he killed Kyle and Littlefield. The gag order applied only to the Routh family: the Kyle and Littlefield families were free to speak to the media. In an interview with The Los Angeles Times in January 2015, widow Taya Kyle said she believes the PTSD defense is a cop out.

Houston criminal defense attorney George Parnham said Routh — who has been imprisoned since the 2013 murders — is at a disadvantage because of the gag order issued on his family members and attorneys in 2013. At the time, the judge said he was issuing it because of the “unusually emotional nature of the issues involved in the case.” In light of the movie, Parnham said the gag order is now unfair. He explained: “It’s going to be very difficult for him to get a fair trial, not only because of the movie, but because of the media surrounding the movie. Mr. Kyle is a hero in many people’s eyes. Due to the fact that this movie has gained intense public attention, it’s doubtful that a fair jury can be selected anywhere.” Anticipating that finding an unbiased jury would be difficult, Kyle's court-appointed attorney filed a motion in 2013 to change the location of the trial, but it was denied.

Before the gag order, on February 27, 2013, it was reported that Jodi Routh, Eddie Ray Routh's mother, thanked the family of Chris Kyle for trying to help her son: "Jodi Routh hoped Chris Kyle could help her son 25-year-old, who was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Eddie Routh is currently on medication and finally agreed to see his family. Today it was his mother Jodi and father Raymond who released an statement, expressing their sorrow their son caused to the Kyles and Littlefields, as well as thanking Kyle for trying to help her son." The family issued the following statement:
"Raymond and I want to express our deepest condolences to the Kyle and Littlefield families. We are incredibly heartbroken for your loss. We wish we could thank Chris Kyle for his genuine interest in helping our son overcome his battle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. We want others with PTSD to know their struggle is recognized and we hope this tragedy will somehow help in getting greater care for and assistance to those in need. No words can truly express the sorrow we feel for the Kyles and Littlefields, their extended family and friends. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you all." – The Routh Family

Brian J. Klingenberg · Survey Technician at Premier Factory Safety"
"Routh is a friend of mine, deployed with him and was in the same units as he was. Something must have spooked him, it's very unlike his personality to be violent..."

Corey Smalley, Waynesburg, United States:
"I lived and slept next to Eddie while in Iraq when he was not on prison duty. Although Eddie was like my brother, what he did is wrong and he needs to pay for it. If the people writing this crap [lies about Eddie] want the truth, look me up on Facebook (Corey Smalley). I will be glad to help you understand."

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