February 11, 2015

This is Why You Should Never Call the Police to Your House


Americans Killed By Cops Now Outnumber Americans Killed In Iraq War

Cops have killed well over 5,000 Americans since 9/11. Many of these killings have occurred during no-knock raids, which have risen by 4000%.

Iraqi insurgents have killed around 3,500 Americans in Iraq since 9/11 in Operation Iraqi “Freedom.”

People are confused because when they think police officer, they imagine the old days, the "peace officer," the family man who will stop to help your cat out of a tree. Remember back on old cop shows where a cop in a storyline would complain of having a ton of paperwork he'd have to do if he drew his weapon, so that wasn't something he'd want to do unless absolutely necessary. Now cops seem to draw their weapons at the slightest movement. What needs to be thoroughly investigated is how these cops are trained. That would require massive public pressure as it seems they lack the ability to discern real threats from threats in their own minds.

Not one of us are safe in our own homes! The police are basically corrupt and drive army vehicles and attack us in our homes, kill our dogs, and all for no reason! Why is this? Does anyone think the police might have too much power? Then on top of it all, the cop who killed the poor sick guy trying to protect himself from the unknown in the middle of the night will be let off scotch free. They will say it was only in the line of duty. But what police department goes out in the middle of the night (when they were called earlier in the day, during business hours) for a welfare check, and breaks down your door and kills you? No just person would do this! Yet these are the people who are supposed to protect us?

"Thank you family for calling in your welfare check on your relative. You were right to do so. When we got there he wouldn't answer the door. We found him holed up inside with a loaded firearm. We neutralized the threat. Thanks to your call he won't be a threat to anyone else. It's good we got to him before he hurt any neighbors or anyone else." is a possible way for the cops to spin it.

Family Asks Cops To Check In On Sick Veteran; Cops Break Into House, Kill Him

74-year-old man was recovering from heart surgery; police forced their way in at Midnight; there was no necessity to enter the house by force when they couldn't get a reply.

February 9, 2015

InfoWars - A family in North Carolina asked police officers to check on the welfare of an elderly relative, a war veteran, who was recovering from surgery. In response to the request, the cops went to the man’s house at midnight, broke in, and then shot him dead.

Clearly the family were under the impression that police officers can still be relied upon to perform such helpful community duties, but they were tragically wrong.

WSOCTV reports that while the family asked the officers to check on 74-year-old James Howard Allen on Saturday afternoon, the police opted to visit the man’s home very late in the evening.

When there was no answer, firefighters were called out to force open the door. On entering the building, police saw Mr Allen, who had just undergone heart surgery, pointing a gun toward them, prompting one officer to unload his own weapon at Allen.

Documents prepared for court note that three shell casings were recovered from the house, along with a .22-caliber revolver.

“I think that he probably thought somebody was breaking in his house or robbing him of something,” said the victim’s sister, Mary Battle.

“The thing I questioned is why make a wellness call at midnight?” said neighbor Gene Clark, who also told reporters that Mr Allen was hard of hearing, possibly another reason he did not answer the door initially. “All I know is he was a good man,” Clark added.

“You kicked the man’s door in. He’s disoriented and he’s in his own house, privacy of his own home.” said Otis Thompson, a friend of Allen’s who said he would have reacted in the same way.

“There should have been a better way to handle this. Something else could have been done,” Battle said. “I’m so mad; I’m hurt. I’m hurt.”

The Gastonia Police Chief Robert Helton claims that officer Josh Lefevers announced himself before entering the building, and that Mr Allen was “challenged to lower the gun down.”

The court case will determine whether officers were justified in using deadly force. The officer who shot Allen has been placed on administrative leave [meaning, take a few weeks off with pay and continued benefits...perhaps a promotion when you return...go fishing or to a nice warm beach but stay in contact with the union rep].

Police attorney Scott Maclatchie defended the officers’ actions, noting “The law is very clear that a law enforcement officer may use deadly force to defend himself when they’re confronted with what appears to be an eminent threat.
“It’s the officer’s job to use force to get inside the home, if they’ve made every effort to get the person to come to the door,” Maclatchie added.

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