May 21, 2017

"Dozens" of Graduates and Family Members Walk Out on Pence at Notre Dame Commencement

May 21, 2107

(AP) — Dozens of graduates and family members silently stood and walked out Sunday as Vice President Mike Pence began his address at Notre Dame's commencement ceremony.

Pence, the former governor of Indiana, was invited to speak after Notre Dame students and faculty protested the prospect of President Donald Trump being invited to become the seventh U.S. president to give the commencement address.

Pence spoke briefly of Trump, praising his speech to the leaders of 50 Arab and Muslim nations earlier in the day in Saudi Arabia. Pence said the president "spoke out against religious persecution of all people of all faiths and on the world stage he condemned, in his words, the murder of innocent Muslims, the oppression of women, the persecution of Jews and the slaughter of Christians."

Trump has faced harsh criticism for his anti-Islamic rhetoric during the campaign, as well as his administration's legal battle to impose a travel ban on several Muslim-majority countries.

Some Comments from Yahoo:

              J F
        OK coming from someone that was actually there, probably 10 people walked out and everyone else stayed. How can they and why do they blow this up into a story that really isn't? The media is so slanted and corrupt in the US it's scary. Feels almost like a dictatorship style news organization.      

                Ed dalcours
        We are for those coddled grads walking out it is their free speech.They are not for ours though. They are taught how to be good little Communist fascists. That is what the liberal mindset does is project what they are. When they call you a fascists it is to hide their fascism when they say:" TRUMP COLLUDED WITH RUSSIA IT IS TO HIDE THEIR OWN COLLUSION. " They always project what they are.

                Ron ! 1 hour ago

        Cassandra Dimaro and her parents were among those who walked out. Dimaro told the South Bend Tribune that it was a show of solidarity "for those of us impacted by the policies of the Trump administration." Unfortunately, Dimaro couldn't come up with any Trump policies that impacted her but hey, who needs facts when the Kool Aid has already been downed? And it appears that she gets her ignorance honestly.
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                David 1 hour ago

        So kids with near zero life experience walk out of a commencement. Pretty sad.
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                S. Reaves 1 hour ago

        What a shameful, disrespectful display. I cannot believe that any parent would participate, much less condone, such behavior. We are NOT always going to agree about EVERYTHING. It is called life and it's about to smack a whole lot of these folks right square in the face.
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                Ron ! 1 hour ago

        Hopefully someone walked behind these people with a big sign that said: PROPAGANDIZED BY MISINFORMATION. Maybe when they get a little older and wiser they will learn to think for themselves.
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                Billy Bob 1 hour ago

        They walked out because they realized that their loans for the stupid degrees won't be forgiven, the ones who are Engineer and Science stay around. When you major in something respectful, you know how to be respectful of others, regardless of difference in opinions.
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                Nancy 1 hour ago

        Class acts those liberals.
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                Brad 1 hour ago

        At least they just walked out and didn't riot, loot and block him from speaking. Perhaps progressives are making a wee bit of progress.
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                Aaron 1 hour ago

        Oh look, more "tolerant" liberals!
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                chris h 1 hour ago

        Piece of #$%$ kids that want everything free should at least show some respect.
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                Rick Warren 1 hour ago

        Those who walked out just showed their lack of maturity. I didn't vote for Trump but I wouldn't hire any of these "little children."
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                Kevin 1 hour ago

        Very disrespectful, enough said!
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                Curt H 1 hour ago

        They found out they would have to repay their loans.
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                MAGA 1 hour ago

        Would this have ever happened to Obama-Biden? No. Pathetic liberals
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                PURPLE HAZE 1 hour ago

        What a bunch of Snowflakes staged a walk out and that is news? You all should be proud for being a bunch of disrespectful crybabies, your days are numbered and they should start scanning all of you before allowing any of you Ball Bags in events like this.
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                BCG 1 hour ago

        Wrong headline... It should read "Liberals display intolerance"..
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                T J 1 hour ago

        Yes, those two students who walked out sure did show him.
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                M 1 hour ago

        Welcome to McDonalds!
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                Bri 1 hour ago

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                Nick 1 hour ago

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                “R” 1 hour ago

        The people that walked out are garbage. We're in a democratic socitity, Their person lost, get over it. Be Americans, and if it's such a big issue VOTE in 2020.
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                Bangin On Fools 1 hour ago

        I wonder how the media would react if whites walked out on a black speaker
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                anne 1 hour ago

        Grow up. If you are ever a speaker we should walk out on you
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                Warren 1 hour ago

        The left wing bubble has burst and now they don't know what to do with themselves.
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                Thunder 1 hour ago

        Majority stayed.
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                Johnston P 1 hour ago

        I had to sit through a socialist nut spewing her anti-American hate speech. America's left are going to have to learn to be tolerant.
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                paul 1 hour ago

        Who cares ?
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                Rene 1 hour ago

        It is going to a hard and long life if you cannot listen to view point different from yours.
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                Hugh H 1 hour ago

        Presidents and vice Presidents deserve a certain amount of respect. These people are lucky to be graduating from anything with these lack of manners.
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                will b 1 hour ago

        dozens out of thousands, don't you think you ought to say that, fake news nonsense, You can get dozens of idiots to do most anything.
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                Michael 1 hour ago

        What spoiled little brats! Shame on them and their parents for such unpatriotic response. They are entitled little kids that some day will realize what a mistake they have made. Many people would love to hear the vice president speak.
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                ez8631 1 hour ago

        And the liberal indoctrination of America's youth continues... so sad!
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                Fred 1 hour ago

        Oh, did the election not go their way? Typical crybabies. "Move Forward" idiots!
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                Demeris 1 hour ago

        Nothing like earning a 'pay check' to turn a Liberal to a Conservative.
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                Nur-El-Masih 1 hour ago

        Shame on the Libiots for exploiting the inexperience and ignorance of the college guys.
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                Robin 1 hour ago

        What a black eye to a once great institution! Shameful indeed!
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                Linda 1 hour ago

        That is so childish to walk out.
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               ScottM 1 hour ago

        Of course they walked out, because they don't care about any of the issues Pence was relaying to them. Brainwashed, uncaring, emotionless zombies programmed by the liberal establishment, and nothing more. But speak out against homosexuality, or killing babies in the womb, and they might attack and try to eat your brains! Becasue they have none. Why else?
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                JonNYC 1 hour ago

        Dumb graduates. Wait till they actually earn an income and realize how much Trump saved them so they can pay their loans back. Under Obama they would be paying 20% more in taxes. These kids don't really listen to the news and read, they just hear the media pundits and believe everything they say. Sad state of affairs and ill boding for our country
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                JERRY 1 hour ago

        Snowflakes, you can't tolerate the truth or different ideas? Maybe, you did not get an education.
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                Gus Fusco 1 hour ago

        I intentionally put a Trump sign up in the front window of my Pizzeria to keep Liberals away..
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                k t 1 hour ago

        Mush from the colleges and mush from the parents. Poor kids are just little robots and totally clueless about life on life's terms----exactly what "they" want.
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                Seadog2346 1 hour ago

        Dozens? Out of thousands in attendance? This America, is snowflake news.
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                MRBEEFY 1 hour ago

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                No Spin Here 1 hour ago

        No one treated OBama like this. These people should lose their degrees.
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                Jonathan Liebowitz 1 hour ago

        Immature and ill-mannered leftists. Spoiled brats who feed on liberal pablum like catnip.
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                Gaz-a-Matic 1 hour ago

        Talk about a bunch of entitled airhead SNOWFLAKES ! Good luck in the real world. They are proof of the lousy job teachers and their unions have done in education & preparing kids to become self sufficient , informed responsible adults.
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                RetroGuy 1 hour ago

        Could these idiot snowflakes be any more disrespectful. Taxpayers should not be required to allow any of the tax money whatsoever be sent to these POC Ivy League bastions of fascist/anarchist postsecondary cesspools.
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                10-BUCK-2 1 hour ago

        Typical brain-dead Liberals.
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                BadgerRick 1 hour ago

        I bet the parents are proud. Having raised a bunch of precious little snowflakes that can remain unemployed and cherish pelosi and Maxine waters and their extreme intellect! Lol
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                mybelleen 1 hour ago

        They focus on the few who left while the majority stayed.
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                mominind 1 hour ago

        At least their "protest" was peaceful and respectful. Kudos to them, even if they are liberal snowflakes. As they get older and have to face the outside world they will become more sensible.
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                Craig 1 hour ago

        Hopefully all their faces were caught on camera and posted online so employers know who not to hire.
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                Jim 1 hour ago

        well they don't understand anything yet, maybe they don't take time to listen and learn.
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                mgl 1 hour ago

        Very disrespectful.
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                Bob 1 hour ago

        Young people not having it.
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                BarryL 1 hour ago

        Miserably rude entitles spoiled brats. Probably general studies graduates.
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                Astounded 1 hour ago

        Rude liberals as usual.
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                JRD 1 hour ago

        These people are so ignorant of what is really going on. Guarantee you can ask the majority of them to give you specifics as to their issues and all they can do is talk about non-issues and nothing that actually impacts their lives.
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